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Pedro Verela was Sentenced to Two Years and 9 Months for Disseminating Ideas of a Nazi Genocide. March 24, 2010

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The Criminal Court 11 of Barcelona has convicted the owner of the bookstore Europa as a perpetrator of spreading ideas of Nazi genocide and a crime against the fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution. In addition he will have to pay a fine of 2,880 Euros.

The judge considers that the set of books that were confiscated from his library to be evidence and reflect a “dislike for Jewish people and other minorities, He has even suggested racial segregation”.

In addition, Varela says he is not guilty of “a determinate activity” but from a “combination of circumstances” surrounding his activities. As editor, the judge stresses that, Varela is responsible for the books. Although at trial he claimed he had not read all the works he had published, the judge finds that “not credible” because he has proven to have the knowledge of a person with great culture, so he must of have known the content.

During the sentencing the judge explains that Varela edits books of a certain ideology, sells them, organizes and holds a series of conferences and has a determined aesthetic in his premises. They are books in which “It makes the Jewish people fully responsible for the misfortunes of the world, where it says that black people are inferior and that biracial people will bring the demise of civilization.”

The judge stressed that the law protects freedom of expression but not “hate speech”.   She also agrees with to the confiscation of all the books that were confiscated, like el busto de Hitler (the bust of Hitler), la esvástica de hierro (the swastika of iron) and other items that were confiscated from his conference room. Once the sentenced is finalized, she orders that there be a destruction of the items.

During January 29 trial, Varela, said it is the public who decides and that if it sells, it is because there is “some interest” from people. He explained that his library is not a political party, and has committed “no crime” because it only produces and sells “historical texts” and he called it “absurd” to be branded as a genocidal by selling a book.

Both the prosecution and the private prosecution – which represents the Jewish community in Barcelona- wanted to give Varela four years in prison for the two accounts of, one for disseminating information that justify the regimes that have attempted to destroy a racial group, and another for disseminating books with expression of hate towards certain groups for belonging to a particular race or ethnicity. His defense was seeking acquittal because he believes that in Spain, “there are no forbidden books” and that his freedom of ideology was being breached



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