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Movement Against Intolerance asks Democratic Political Parties to renounce Populist Xenophobia March 24, 2010

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campaigns to renounce the use of xenophobic populism and of intolerance speech in order to attract votes, and that they work to reduce the rejection rates of immigrants reflected in the latest survey of the Secretary of State for Immigration which points out that 47% of the respondents say they have a negative image of immigrants.

MCI warns about consequences of the current economic crisis that may contribute to certain politicians seeking to give simple answer to complex realities by means of criminalizing the most vulnerable groups of society, such as immigrants, roma, or people of religious and social minorities.

MCI asks that public institutions, political parties, and civil society strengthen their effort in the fight against racism, xenophobia, and intolerance, and that they place the problem at a level of priority correspondent to an issue that poses a threat to the democracy and all of its citizens, especially those belonging to vulnerable groups. More than 80 people have died in Spain as a result of hate crimes since the murder of Dominican Republic immigrant, Lucrecia Pérez, in 1992, and it is estimated that some 4,000 attacks and incidents of hate crimes occur annually, as reflected in the RAXEN report (a recording manifestations of intolerance through events) of MCI.

The Movement Against Intolerance demands with urgency to:

  • Improve legislation on matters regarding racism and intolerance and the protection of equal treatment.
  • Further the training of judicial operators on matters regarding racism, intolerance, and hate crimes.
  • Create in all provinces of Spain, Prosecutors specialized in matters of hate crimes and violence, and appointing a member to the Supreme Court.
  • Strictly implement article 510 of the penal code to those on the Internet – through websites, portals, social networks, or other spaces of communication – who incite hatred, violence, and discrimination.
  • Create specialized police units, well equipped and trained to neutralize and prevent the formation of neo-Nazis and hate groups
  • Form permanent and essential plans against racism and intolerance based on the concept of preventive aggravation and spreading awareness of the value of Tolerance and Human Rights.


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