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Basque National Party asks Chacón about meeting held by extreme right-wing group in building of Ministry of Defense” March 10, 2010

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The Gipozkoa, a newspaper from the Basque Autonomous Community of Spain, has recently updated an article which depicts the reaction of the PNV after the discovery that the extreme right-wing group, Phalange and Tradition, held a meeting in the building of the Ministry of Defense in Spain.  The Phalange and Tradition has been the perpetrator of dozens of attacks and death threats to people and public officials, and is already known to have held an illegal meeting on July of 2009 in the General Mola Sports Center.

José Ramon Beroki, defense spokesman of the PNV, presented a letter to the Ministry of Defense, Carmen Chacón, asking to know the details of this meeting as well as what basis of political criteria allowed the use of the facilities of the Ministry of Defense to this group.

The Ministry of Defense has given no comment and is awaiting the decision of the judges. In addition, José Luis Roberto, the populist president of 2000, gave the same response and denied any connection with José Ignacio Irusta (one of the primary leaders of Phalange and Tradition). Political parties highlight the seriousness of these crimes and denounce the double standards of the judges.  Txentxo Jimenez, parliamentary of Nafarroa Bai, also denounces this accusation stating that “the attitudes of the judges, certain political parties, and state security officers are [not] demonstrating double standards with the Phalange and Tradition with respect to past arrests.”

On the other hand, the president of the PNV, José Ángel Agirrebengoa, believes that double standards clearly exist in the judiciary, stating that at times they act with utmost firmness, while at other times there is a permissive stance that goes unnoticed.

Esteban Ibarra, the president of the Movement Against Intolerance, has spent years denouncing such groups as the Phalange, and urged that this case should be moved to High Court. He also stressed that these groups are extremely dangerous and we can no longer remain impassive.



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