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As the world commemorates the victims of the Holocaust today, on International Holocaust Day1,the European Network Against Racism (ENAR) urges Europe not to lose sight of the initial significance of this remembrance work and to tackle increasing racism and xenophobia across Europe, including anti-Semitism, anti-Gypsysm, colour racism and Islamophobia.
The Holocaust triggered a wide-ranging reflection on anti-racism in Europe and showed the world what can happen if racism and prejudice are allowed to thrive. It is thus crucial for ENAR to remember the victims of the Holocaust and to ensure that the lessons of the Holocaust continue to have repercussions today, not just for the Jewish community but for all ethnic and religious
communities who face racism and discrimination.
In this respect, it is also important to acknowledge that the work on the collective memory of the Holocaust has not yet been completed. Whilst significant steps have been taken to uphold the memory of the extermination of the Jewish people, other communities who were exterminated by the Nazi regime, including the Roma population, have been overlooked in many commemoration events. Research on these ‘forgotten’ communities has only recently begun and needs to be followed through to reflect the widespread legacy of the Holocaust.
ENAR President Mohammed Aziz said: “‘Never again’ was the promise made after the tragedy of the Holocaust, but the current climate in the EU points to increasing manifestations of the racism and discrimination which can become the building blocks of genocide. Increasing hate crimes against Roma, the violation of migrants’ basic human rights, rising Islamophobia – these are just
some examples of the forms of racism which need to be addressed in Europe today.”


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