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STUDY: ROMA DRAG EACH OTHER DOWN (Hungary) December 16, 2009

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According to a study released last week by the National Institute of Criminology (OKRI), Roma people living in ghettos have little or no hope of breaking out from their surroundings and those who try to do try to break out are ostracised from the community.

11/12/2009- The research published last Tuesday suggests that despite living in close proximity, these groups have no sense of community or solidarity and the lack of schemes aimed at solving the issue makes the problem even more difficult to solve. “We are sitting atop a powder keg, and methods to create ‘order’ in these ghettos have become a part of day-to-day politics,” criminologist and OKRI chief Dr. György Virág said, adding that the survey showed that the relationship between Roma and Hungarians has worsened considerably in towns through which the far-right Hungarian Guard have marched. Researchers surveyed 16 Roma ghettos twice, with a year between the two visits, and tried to find answers to the segregation, the significance of tradition, the widespread poverty, scarcity of food, as well as the extent of usury, alcoholism and violence. The results suggest that people living in such conditions principally only share a “community of fate”, but have no other bonds to unite against their abusers. Discrimination and anti-Roma statements are of no concern to the elderly of these groups, but they infuriate younger generations and increase discord. Last Thursday, the US embassy’s charge d’affaires Jeffrey D. Levine visited a Roma community in Nyiregyhaza on a fact-finding mission and spoke with locals, according to news agency MTI. Levine called the elimination of school segregation in the community a success story and also said that Hungary has all the resources it needs to successfully integrate the Roma into society. Estimates put the gypsies at arond six per cent of Hungary’s ten million population.
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