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10/12/2009- Czech neo-Nazi groups have taken a fancy for the Facebook Internet social network for spreading their ideas and attracting more supporters, the daily Lidove noviny (LN) writes yesterday. The Autonomous Nationalists movement, one of the most active neo-Nazi groups, have had its Facebook website since late November. Over 800 people have contacted it so far, LN adds. Political analyst Jan Charvat recalls that the Autonomous Nationalists organisation, established in Germany in the 1990s, appeared in the Czech Republic around 2002. The first such group was established in central Bohemia in 2004. Other groups followed all over the country, LN writes. It writes that the Autonomous Nationalists cooperate with another extremist organisation – the National Resistance. Both groups have participated in organising distinctive extremist events, such as demonstrations and marches in the Janov housing estate, inhabited mainly by Romanies, in Litvinov, north Bohemia, which were officially staged by the extremist Workers’ Party (DS). Charvat points out that the Autonomous Nationalists group is trying to avoid all connections with traditional neo-Nazism. On its website it eliminates all references to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, concentration camps and anti-Semitism, for instance. In spite of it, its members show clear neo-Nazi tendencies, Charvat adds. He says he considers the extremists’ entry into Facebook a logical step since they are mainly young people used to modern communication technologies. Some 4,500-5,000 people follow the ultra right in the ten-million Czech Republic. Consequently, about 800 people who have registered on the Facebook website of the Autonomous Nationalists is an insignificant number, Charvat says. The authors of the Autonomous Nationalists Facebook group have presented its establishment on the organisation’s web page and they have invited more people to join it. They at the same time instruct how to make one’s profile on Facebook safe and enable only friends of the group to see it, LN writes. The National Resistance and the Workers’ Party, too, have their groups on Facebook, LN adds. The Czech police are aware of all extremist groups and are monitoring their activities, including their websites, LN writes.
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