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12/12/2009- Human Rights Ministry State Secretary Marko Karadžiæ criticized what he deemed a discrimination of Vojvodina minorities posted on the DSS’s official website. Under the sections “Our Stance” on the Democratic Party of Serbia’s (DSS) site, an article called “The Separatist Nature of the Vojvodina Statute” was published, which Karadžiæ reacted to very strongly. “Here you can see how they explain why they are against the statute. There is nothing more to talk about with them, because it can be seen how they imagine Serbia, and it is clear that DSS considers itself a part of the order of neo-Nazi organizations when it says that ‘such a status is given to all national minorities that live on the territory of the autonomous province of Vojvodina. With this the national minorities are not only on the same level as the Serbian people, but also have the legal basis for their constituency in the autonomous province of Vojvodina,” Karadžiæ told B92. “If the people from DSS and those who are fighting for Serbia think that my friend Monika Fekete and my friends who are Ruthenian are not on the same level, and that my grandmother, who is Romanian and considers herself to be a Serb like myself—then I can safely say that this is something that can be seen in contemporary society as neo-Nazism,” he said. DSS spokesperson Andreja Mladenoviæ said that the party will file charges against Karadžiæ for his statement that DSS should be considered in the same order as neo-Nazi organizations. He said that Karadžiæ deeply offended the DSS. “What is shameful for Serbia is that we have such officials, that people like Karadžiæ have a seat in the government and that he can qualify political parties and Serbian citizens in that way,” Mladenoviæ said.
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