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Europe’s Jewish Students Need Your Help December 16, 2009

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Today, the situation for Jewish students in Europe is frightening. Anti-Israel rhetoric, anti-Semitism and violence are at an all time high and sadly Europe’s Jewish students are the targets.  During one of the Wiesenthal Center’s iACT Campus Outreach events in Brussels last month, students shared frightening first-hand accounts of what it is like to be young and Jewish in Europe today:

“…I feel ashamed of telling people I am a Jew, usually I kind of hide it….I cannot be proud of who I am, because people react and have opinions and make faces when one says they are a Jew…the other side calls us Nazis….”   – Joanna, France

“…there is a hidden anti-Semitism…Amsterdam has neighborhoods with lots of Islamic anti-Semitism…the SWC movie (The Long Way Home) needs to be shown to the world and gives us an important feeling aboutIsrael….” – Channa, Amsterdam

“People try NOT to be Jewish in Belarus…people try to blend in and look the same…people make fun of Jews…our Jewish school was painted with horrible words….” – Mushka, Belarus

“…in France, there is a huge Muslim population…we are a target for them…our cemeteries have been vandalized…” – Elene, France

“…a portion of the community is still passively anti-Semitic and a portion is actively so… young Muslims find us Jews to be easy prey…”  –Barry,  Antwerp

That is why the Center’s iACT/Campus Outreach has partnered with ECJS, European Center for Jewish Students, Europe’s largest, most effective Jewish student organization serving thousands of students from 26 countries.

Now, iACT’s unique programming is being delivered to thousands of Jewish students who desperately need it. Just last month, we gave students from Germany to England toHungary the tools they need: facts and materials on the Middle East conflict, screenings of our Academy Award™-winning  documentaries followed by provocative discussions, and hands-on training conferences and workshops.

But, there is an alarming need for us to do even more.

In the coming months your support will provide vital programming, film screenings and discussions, and training for Jewish students giving them the critical toolsthey need to fight back against the intimidation and violent rhetoric they are now experiencing.

Please send your urgently needed support. Europe’s Jewish students are counting on your help and generous support to make this happen.

Rabbi Aron Hier
iACT/Campus Outreach Director



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