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6/12/2009- The south Bohemian police have levelled racism charges against the author of a publication called Final Solution to Gypsy Question in the Czech Republic that proposes Romanies’ removal to India, the server Tyden.cz writes Saturday. If convicted, he can be sentenced up to three years in prison, Tyden.cz said, adding that the man in question is probably Jiri Gaudin from the ultra-right National Party (NS). He is the only man who is signed in in the study, while the rest remained anonymous. “Detectives have started criminal prosecution of a man aged around 30 years suspected of having committed the crime of incitement for hatred and infringement upon the rights and freedoms,” police spokeswoman Jiri Matzner said, adding that the man had written and then distributed the study. In April, some 20 members and supporters of the NS Saturday christened the study in Lety, the site of a former wartime internment camp for Romanies. Gaudin called the study on Romanies one of the pillars of the NS programme. He called it “a serious scientific work” on which academicians participated. Their names are, however, not released in the book since “they might have problems” over writing on controversial issues though the book includes no statements at variance with law, Gaudin told journalists.

Over 1300 Romanies were interned in Lety during the Nazi occupation, 327 of whom perished in the camp and over 500 were sent to the extermination camp in Oswiecim (Auschwitz). At present a pig farm is on the site of the Lety camp, which has been repeatedly criticised by Romanies and human rights activists. The European Parliament has also called on the Czech Republic to remove the pig farm. At their meeting on January 21, 2006, NS members claimed that the wartime camp in Lety was just a labour camp where Romanies died of common diseases. Matzner said the man had made the study available on a CD and continued distributing it through the Internet.



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