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Roma girl burnt in neo-Nazi attack leaves hospital December 9, 2009

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A two-year-old Czech Roma girl who suffered severe burns during a neo-Nazi arson attack in April was released from hospital Wednesday, the CTK news agency said.

– The treatment was very demanding. No other child of her age with such vast injuries has ever survived in this country – said Michal Kadlcik, deputy head of the burns ward in a hospital in the eastern Czech city of Ostrava.

Natalka Sivakova suffered more than 80 percent burns on April 19 when a group of neo-Nazis threw threeMolotov cocktails into her parents’ house in the eastern town of Vitkov.

Police charged four far-right extremists suspected in the case with attempted murder, carrying a prison term of 12-15 years.

The girl, who had to overcome heavy sepsis three times, needs skin transplants on 60 percent of her body. She will now have to go to a clinic for re-bandaging twice a week.

– It’s not enough to say ‘thank you’ (to the doctors). That’s a paltry reward for saving her life. I feel like giving them all a hug – Natalka’s mother Anna Sivakova said before taking her daughter home.

The family has bought a new house with money from a public collection in a village about 10 kilometres (six miles) from their former home.

The Czech Republic registered 11,746 Roma people in the official 2001 census, but the actual number of the largely impoverished Roma inhabitants is estimated at 250,000 to 300,000 in the ex-communist country of 10.3 million.

The Czech cabinet has pledged to step up the fight with extremism as one of its top priorities as anti-Roma violence is gaining momentum in the Czech Republic and as far-right extremists are increasingly well-organised.



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