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South Bohemian police detectives have charged the author of a publication entitled “The Final Solution to the Gypsy Question” (“Koneèné øešení otázky cikánské”), the main idea of which is that the Roma should be deported to India. The book’s author now faces up to three years in prison. News server Týden.cz reported yesterday that the accused is evidently Jiøí Gaudin, a former member of the National Party’s National Council. Gaudin is the only author listed on the “study”; other contributors have hidden behind the anonymity of collective authorship. “Detectives have initiated the criminal prosecution of a 30-year-old male from the Mladá Boleslav region on suspicion of the crime of inciting hatred against a group or restricting their rights and freedoms,” South Bohemian police spokesperson Jiøí Matzner told Týden.cz. Matzner says Gaudin both wrote the “study” and then distributed it. The publication was released in April in Lety by Písek. Around 20 members and promoters of the National Party chose to release it at the very site where a Nazi concentration camp for Roma was in operation during the Second World War. At the time, Gaudin declared the “study” was a serious work: “This is not a provocation. It is a serious work of scholarship to which currently publishing academics have also contributed, although their names are not listed.” Gaudin claimed those writing on the controversial topic had chosen anonymity as the work might otherwise cause problems for them in their other activities, although he personally did not believe this meant the “study” broke the law.

Týden.cz reports that police have been investigating Gaudin ever since. According to Matzner, the “study” was made accessible on CD after its release and has continued to be distributed over the internet. Detectives had an expert evaluation produced of the publication. “The content of the ‘study’ incites hatred against a group of people to a significant degree,” Matzner claims. The extremist National Party is now in the throes of a deep crisis. Experts say it has practically fallen apart. After Petra Edelmannová resigned as party chair in October, three other members of the party’s National Council, including some of its most active nationalists, resigned last week. “As of 1 December 2009, National Council members Michal Kubík, Mgr. Jan Skácel and Bc. Jiøí Gaudin are resigning all of their posts. The reasons for their decision will not be publicized,” the party’s official website reads. The Lidové noviny (LN) daily reports it is now impossible to learn more about the resignations, as no one from the party is responding to written questions and the phone number for its official spokesperson is disconnected. A new party leader was to have been announced on 28 October, but no such announcement occurred. Miroslav Mareš, who studies extremism, says these most recent resignations are proof that the National Party is in a deep crisis. “The entire concept on which it was based has probably been called into question, this playing at being a modern, populist party using theses that are provocative to attract media attention, the emphasis on the Hussite identity. It has been proven that this has not taken hold in the current Czech environment,” LN quotes Mareš as saying.

The party did its best to revive the fascism of the era of the First Republic, primarily emphasizing nationalism and the Hussite tradition. National Party representatives last drew attention to themselves prior to the EP elections this year when their television campaign ads were withdrawn for inciting racism and xenophobia.
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