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Manchester City Council is likely to be advertising up to three positions, of 1-2 years each, for Romani mediators/interpreters. December 9, 2009

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The Council is searching for young people who are fluent speakers of Romani and English (preferably also with knowledge of Romanian and/or Czech or Slovak), who are well acquainted with Romani culture and customs, to serve as community support workers. The jobs involve primarily work with Romani immigrants from Romania, and possibly also from the Czech Republic. The candidates will be required to have completed secondary school and to have some kind of formal further qualification, e.g. as social workers, teachers, or translators. They will be expected to take up residence in Manchetser for the duration of the position.

The work is part of a pilot project to improve community relations and strengthen self-confidence and social and economic opportunities among Romani immigrants. If successful, the Council is likely to seek funding to continue the project beyond the initial two years and a continuation of the positions is therefore not unlikely.

The positions are likely to be advertised formally early in the new year, with a very short term deadline for application of around three weeks. Interested individuals who meet the pre-requisites are urged to make informal contact with Professor Yaron Matras yaron.matras@.manchester.ac.uk, who is serving as advisor to the
recruitment procedure, to ensure that the official job advert is forwarded to them. Send a complete CV, along with names of referees who can recommend you. Once the formal job advert is published, applicants will have to apply directly to Manchester City Council.

Note that this notice is for information only and is NOT an official notice of a vacancy nor a call for applications, either on behalf of Manchester City Council or on behalf of the University of Manchester, and that it is being posted by the author in strictly private capacity.

Yaron Matras
Professor in Linguistics
School of Languages, Linguistics & Cultures
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL, UK



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