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Jobbik, a far-right Hungarian party accused of anti-Semitism and racism, is setting up a branch in London. The nationalist party, which has its own uniformed paramilitary wing, will stoke fears about the extending reach of the far Right into Britain. It comes just weeks after Nick Griffin, leader of the British National Party and one of its two MEPs, secured an alliance in the European Parliament with nationalist parties including the French National Front. Jobbik will become the first European party to try to gain a significant foothold in Britain on Sunday when it holds the first meeting of the British Jobbik Society. It already has links with Mr Griffin, who has previously met its representatives. Jobbik has also joined Mr Griffin’s European alliance, which is seeking the support of seven EU parties to create a pan-European group and claim about £360,000 a year in taxpayer funding. Jobbik’s meeting will be held in Kentish Town, North London. The party website said that its aim was to ensure that Hungarians living in Great Britain “understand and support the national values and the programme of Jobbik”.

Jobbik has been accused of provoking racial tensions in Hungary, and during this year’s European elections the party blamed the country’s Romany population for the decline in Hungarian living standards. Campaigners against the BNP warned that Jobbik’s move into Britain was indicative of the increasing encroachment of the far Right into the country. James Bethell, director of Nothing British, a website that campaigns against the BNP, said: “Jobbik are a revolting and extremist party with close links to Nick Griffin and whose leaders regularly incite hatred against minorities in Hungary. “The setting up of this new association shows how European fascists are determined to spread their hate across the Channel. “Britain is a democratic country and we want nothing to do with foreign fascists whose values are opposite to our gentle values of tolerance and sticking up for the little guy.” Krisztina Morvai, the leader of Jobbik, was to address a rally in London last month but was forced to pull out after protests by anti-fascist campaigners.
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