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Hazardous games with poverty, or housing the Roma in Košice December 9, 2009

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Košice 30. November (RPA) – General binding resolution (GBR) no. 55 from the year 1995, which deals with the eviction of non-payers from the city, has been thus far implemented in Košice despite the restrictions of international organisations. Roma from the entire town have been moved to the Lunik IX housing estate or expelled from their own dwellings outside the city of Košice. The result of this now more than decade-long process are dozens of larger or smaller illegal settlements which are today causing problems not only for the city of Košice but also the nearby surroundings.

How the implementation of the mentioned GBR looks in practice was demonstrated by the eviction of the Roma from Golianaova, who were not allowed to return to their homes after reconstruction, and currently in the policies of the Košice Housing Authority (BPMK) implemented in relation to the Na Demeter location. The subject of housing for the Roma in Košice is dealt with in another segment in the documentary series Hazardous Games with Poverty.

Roma Press Agency



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