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Czech Interior Minister Martin Pecina believes legal migrants who arrive in the European Union should not have immediately the same rights as EU citizens, he told journalists Monday during a meeting of EU interior ministers dealing with the Stockholm Program. Under the Stockholm Program legal migrants and EU citizens would have equal rights. Pecina said this “might be similar to the Canadian system that we have been criticising and it is therefore a problem for us,” referring to the recent Czech-Canadian disputes. Canada introduced visas for Czechs in the summer due to the growing numbers of Czech Romanies who applied for asylum in Canada. Prague said the Canadian system of asylum granting is to blame for the influx of Czech Romanies because it is too benevolent. The Stockholm Program is to set EU priorities in the interior and judiciary spheres for 2010-2014. The current draft document is only a strategy that is not legally binding but it may later develop into a EU regulation. Pecina said the new system would be a big motivation for refugees who leave their homelands for economic reasons. “We consider it a problem that a person who will be granted asylum in Malta moved to the Czech Republic and receive welfare benefits like any Czech citizen,” Pecina said.
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