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Xenophobic Crime in La Cabrera, Madrid November 25, 2009

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Xenophobic Crime in La Cabrera, Madrid – Movement Against Hatred (Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia) will use private prosecution because of the racist connotations of the crime.

Movement Against Hatred will represent the plaintiff in the case of the killing of a Romanian man this week in the crowded Plaza del Municipio de La Cabrera, because it considers the crime to have “racist and xenophobic connotations.”

Through talking to the family lawyer for the case, Antonio Aberca, the president of Movement Against Hatred, Esteban Ibarra, showed the Spanish private news agency Europa Press that the death by beating of the Romanian citizen shouldn´t warrant a conversation about alcoholic consumption; rather it was motivated by racist behavior, as is noted in “the statements by the witness that saw what happened and how it happened.”

On a different note, the president of Movement Against Hatred signaled that the organization will support the family in every way possible throughout the judicial process, and that it will help the family to find a way to gather sufficient funds to send the body back to Romania.

Ibarra affirmed that, even though there haven´t been similar racist actions in La Cabrera before, other racist incidents in Sierra de Madrid, carried about by “Skinheads” and/or ultra-right groups previously are well known.  “These types of groups have racist connotations and have a presence throughout this region,” said Ibarra.

Ibarra says that it´s wrong to think that these types of crimes are organized.  Rather, they can be produced whenever and wherever as an episode of “diffused violence.” He believes that they don´t need to be ordered by a commander to be carried out.  “Four of five people can meet by chance, like in this case of La Cabrera, begin shouting and insulting `Romanian piece of shit´, and give him a beating that will end his life.”

The Facts

The facts go back to 1:35 in the morning last Friday when emergency services communicated to the authorities that there had been a disturbance in the plaza.  When the Torrelaguna police arrived and observed a man spread out on the ground, they immediately called for medical assistance, but there was nothing that could be done to revive the body.

The Homicide Group of the Madrid Police was immediately notified, and in collaboration with the forensic team, they completed the required inspection of the scene, gathering the necessary evidence for criminal analysis.

After this, the police began the investigation of the crime, gathering statements from witnesses and family, and proceeding likewise with the verification and fact-checking with other units.  These inquiries revealed that the deceased had had a discussion with a group of five young people, and the investigation concentrated all its efforts in finding them.

This way, hours later, the agents entrusted with the investigation located I.M.S., D.P.J., J.B.B., M.J.P.R., and A.P.S., all understood to be between the ages of 22 and 33, and proceeded with their detention for their supposed implication in the murder.

In the process the vehicle in which the accused fled the scene was also found – a Renault Clio, and it also is being analyzed by the forensic laboratory.  After questioning, the authorities decided to keep J.B.B. and A.P.S. in prison, for they are supposed to have delivered the deadly blows.



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