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14/11/2009- Some 60 extremists met outside the Radio Free Europe (RFR) seat in Prague Saturday to protest against the allegedly unlawful investigation of neo-Nazism supporters who were arrested during a recent police raid, the police have said. According to the police, the demonstrators were probably followers of the banned neo-Nazi National Resistance movement. The detained extremists were accused in connection with organising concerts promoting Nazism and racism. Saturday’s meeting was regularly announced to the authorities and the police did not have to interfere. The extremists unfolded a banner reading “Freedom against totalitarian practices of the corrupted regime.” Then they red letters of the National Resistance members from custody in which they called their prosecution politically motivated. The police anti-conflict team as well as traffic policemen monitored the calm meeting that lasted less than one hour. The police team commander told CTK that no one violated law during the demonstration, and this is why the police did not have to interfere. The police organised crime squad arrested ten radicals in June In connection with concerts of neo-Nazi bands, and accused them of support and promotion of groups suppressing human rights and freedoms. According to the police, all accused are members of the National Resistance movement. In October the police carried out an extensive raid among alleged neo-Nazis. Detectives detained 24 people, 18 of whom were accused of support and promotion of groups suppressing human rights and freedoms. Two of them, a man and a woman, are in custody. Ultra-right extremists also plan to disturb celebrations of the 20th anniversary of the fall of the communist regime to be held in Narodni street in Prague centre on Tuesday, November 17. The police are prepared to step in.
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