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ROMA AND JOBBIK IN MASS BRAWL(Hungary) November 25, 2009

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16/11/2009- A mass brawl broke out in north-east Hungary Sunday as local Roma attempted to disrupt a gathering of the far-right party Jobbik. Fighting broke out among 40-50 people in Sajóbábony and cars were smashed. Trouble began brewing on Saturday when the owner of a local store hosted a rally for Jobbik and members of the banned Magyar Gárda. Local Roma were outraged but no clashes occurred on Saturday. However a group of Roma slapped the store owner in the face. He then led Magyar Gárda and the local Jobbik supporters to the local Roma ghetto. A large number of Roma went home after Roma Civil Rights Foundation leader Aladár Horváth tried to calm the mood by telephone. Mayor Imre Nagy said outsiders attended a Jobbik rally on Saturday, which irked local Roma, who threatened the head of the party’s local chapter. Jobbik said “regrettable and tragic Gypsy terror” has shown that the parliamentary parties have undermined police and law enforcement bodies to the extent that they are unable to defend the Hungarian population. Party chairman Gábor Vona and Róbert Kiss, national commander of the Új Gárda Movement will visit the village on Tuesday to gather information. Jobbik MEP Csanád Szegedi said gendarmes of the Új Magyar Gárda are prepared to restore law and order in Hungary. A group of angry Roma smashed a parked car with shovels and several of them shouted “by morning we shall kill all Hungarians,” according to reports.

Hungarian town briefly cordoned off after clash
Source: Reuters
16/11/2009- Police briefly cordoned off a town in northeast Hungary on Sunday night after tensions between the local Roma minority and far-right supporters turned violent, police said on Monday. Anti-Roma tensions have heightened in recent years in Hungary where 6-7 percent of the 10 million population are Gypsies. Police made one arrest after a group of residents in the town of Sajobabony, 200 kms (120 miles) northeast of Budapest, attacked a car with sticks, smashing its windows but causing no injuries. Local news website boon.hu reported that the clash occurred between local Roma and supporters of the far-right Jobbik party who had angered some residents by holding a forum in the town on Saturday. Jobbik has no representation in the Hungarian parliament but won three seats in European elections this year, and has the support of 12 percent of decided voters according to the latest opinion polls. It has campaigned on a promise to clamp down on what it calls “Roma crime”. Police said some 30-40 people of the opposing sides faced down outside Sajobabony late on Sunday, drawing a heavy police presence and leading to the temporary closure of the road into the town. Police in the area are still on heightened alert.
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