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16/11/2009- An Omagh Councillor has said there is no evidence to support that an arson attack on a Strathroy house last week was ‘racially motivated.’ A woman and her six year old child escaped injury after an arson attack in Meelmore Drive on Wednesday evening. The attack occurred around 5.20pm when a bottle, filled with flammable liquid, was thrown into the back garden of the house. The kitchen window was damaged. The resident, a Polish national, her six-year-old daughter and a friend who were in the house escaped injury. The PSNI in Omagh said the attack was reported to them as a ‘hate crime,’ and they are now treating it as a ‘racially motivated’ attack. However, that claim is being disputed by Chairman of Strathroy Residents Association, Martin McColgan who has lived on the estate for the past 35 years. He told the TyroneHerald, “I’m quite surprised that this is being treated as a hate or racially motivated crime. “There are no underlying tensions in the community, nothing of this nature has occurred before, and there is no evidence to support this claim. “We have quite a number of Polish families living on the estate and they are well integrated, especially amongst the young people.

“There are children who have grown up on the estate, having moved from their parents native countries, and now are an integral part of our youth culture.” He pointed to an earlier incident at a nearby development where there was an attack on a Polish occupant. “That was not treated as ‘racially motivated’,” he said. Mickey Kelly, Community Development Officer, said the estate was home to many foreign national families. “I certainly don’t want people thinking this was an attack on the Polish community. That couldn’t be further from the truth.” He said those from the ethnic minority were involved in all aspects of community life, from pre-school clubs to after school clubs, and youth clubs. “You only have to walk around the estate to se the integration of teenagers. They are all running about together.”
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