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3/10 highschoolers would eliminate gypsies from their neighborhoods November 20, 2009

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The Movement Against Intolerance of Andalucia has recently conducted studies concerning racial rejection and xenophobia among groups of Andalucian students with secondary education. The results of these studies reveal that the “collective gypsy” suffers the most from racial and xenophobic intolerance among students: 30% of students declared that, if they were asked to choose, they would eliminate gypsies from their neighborhoods and cities.

Valentin González, the regional coordinator of the the Movement, commented that the collective of Maghrib natives make up half of this rejection and that the intolerance of jews is also relevant as it oscillates anywhere from 14-19%.  González spoke about the danger of increasing  xenophobia as a result of the economic crisis and the agitation against immigration spurred by certain political parties.

González also mentioned the prevalence of a neo nazi phenomenon in Andalucia, stating that certain musical groups, legal structures, and right-wing extremists in fútbol have promoted an atmosphere of hate amongst adolescents, and therefore have only aided in the proliferation of this phenomenon. González warned that hate crimes (such as the recent violence committed by a neonazi group against two Sengalese natives in Sevilla) will continue to occur, most likely with more frequency, if certain institutions fail to take preventative measures against intolerance.

To see more information about the attack of the Sengalese natives, and to see the original source of this post, click below: http://www.elmundo.es/elmundo/2009/11/16/andalucia/1258392238.html



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